Dan-Inject’s Make A Difference Program Conserving Cheetahs


Make A Difference Cheetah Fund

Make A Difference Cheetah Fund

Dan-Inject Dart Guns is proud to have donated to the Cheetah Conservation Fund a brand new JM Standard as part of our ongoing Make A Difference Program.

According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund,

Our previous darting system was quite antiquated and had some technical problems, so the acquisition of this amazing piece of immobilization equipment will make it much easier, more reliable, and safer to dart animals here at CCF.

The JM Standard is part of the Dan-Inject Dart Gun line known throughout the world for it’s ease of use and humane immobilization and medication protocol.

Our Make A Difference program is set up to help in conservation efforts worldwide, sponsoring organizations such as The Mountain Gorilla Vet Project, Dr. Pretorius Project, MAWS Project, Wild Horizons Project and Wildlife Vets Project.

Those interested in helping out can purchase equipment for the organizations or donate financially towards the purchase of much needed equipment.

To learn more about Make A Difference and various organizations currently being sponsored, please click here.

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