Nativa Foundation Uses Dan-Inject – Shouldn’t You?

The Nativa Foundation is an organization that is helping to preserve species in danger of becoming extinct in the Colombian territory. They do an amazing job and the company they have chosen to help them humanely carry out their work is Dan-Inject Dart Guns.

Hi Mike and Rebecca Ross,

I am sending you a photo of the first tapir captured with the Dan-Inject pistol. Everything was perfect and we are very happy with the way the pistol worked.

Nativa Foundation Program To Preseve The Tapir

Nativa Foundation Program To Preseve The Tapir

We have taught the local hunters (native indigenous and farmers) and men on the field how to use the equipment. They used to kill the tapir, but now are able to help in their conservation. They are the ones who have darted the tapir in the photo.


Franz K. Florez
Nativa Foundation

The Dan-Inject pistol comes in two versions. There is the CO2 Pistol and the Foot Pump Pistol. The Nativa Foundation has chosen to use the Dan-Inject CO2 Pistol for their work. Why?

  • Pistols are smaller than rifles.
  • They’re easier to hide from animals. Animals seem to be aware of equipment and care must be taken to avoid spooking your subject.
  • You can place the pistol on your lap and use red dot technology (sold separately) to aim at the animal. In this way, your subject won’t realize there is a piece of equipment in use.
  • It’s lightweight making it easy to carry on long hikes.
  • You can shoot a dart up to 32 yards!
  • On a tight budget, the pistol is a more economical buy.
  • The pistols have interchangeable barrels, making it useable with all Dan-Inject darts and compatible with most other darting systems.
  • Both the foot pump model as well as the CO2 model can use the foot pump. In situations where sourcing a needed CO2 cartridge, you can attach the foot pump to either pistol and recharge a special CO2 cartridge.
  • The pistol is made of aluminum and stainless steel parts. It’s great for inclement weather, hot or cold, rain or snow.
  • It comes with a manometer giving you total control over the release pressure allowing you to dart as close as 1 meter from the animal – humanely and efficiently.

With all features that the Dan-Inject Dart Pistol has, it’s no wonder that the the Nativa Foundation and the China Panda Project both use the Dan-Inject CO2 and Foot Pump Pistols.

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CO2 Dan-Inject Pistol

The CO2 Dan-Inject Pistol – Also Available As A Foot Pump Model

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